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How To Purchase Real Estate in St Lucia

Purchasing your Dream Property in Saint Lucia is fairly simple, but not without the help of a local professional, trained in conveyancing, contract, and land law, to guide you through the process.

Every sale is unique. Before making your purchase speak to us to advise you on the best method of purchasing your property, tailored to suit your needs.

The steps for completing your purchase will be:

Application for a "Certificate of Eligibility" and thereafter for the "Alien Landholding License" (Both documents for Non-Nationals ONLY)

Preparation and signing of the document "Agreement for Sale"

Preparation and signing of "Deed of Sale"

Registration of "Deed of Sale"

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Certificate of Eligibility for Alien Land Holding License (Non-Citizen or non-CARICOM nationals):

A Non-Citizen or Non-CARICOM national is required to make an application to the Citizenship by Investment Board for a Certificate of Eligibility to be then eligible to apply for an Alien Landholding License to purchase Real Estate in Saint Lucia.

The certificate may be issued for the duration of one (1) year or ten (10) years. During this eligibility period, a client can obtain multiple properties under the same certificate but would need a separate Alien Holding License for each purchase.

The Alien Landholding License is a permanent license that does not require renewal. The License is granted for a specific property and is not transferable once you have entered into an "Agreement for Sale".

IMPORTANT: Once an applicant has obtained an Alien Landholding license, then they would qualify to obtain a permit for an indefinite stay in Saint Lucia for the duration of the license (Owning property). Application for an Alien Investor Entrance Permit is USD500 plus courier fees.

Application costs are as follows:

Certificate of Eligibility - USD 3,000 + Professional Legal Fee of USD 1,500 = USD 4,500

Alien Landholding License** - USD 2,500 + Professional Legal Fee of USD 1,500 = USD 4,000

Total Application Fees = USD 8,500

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In order to make an application for an Alien Landholding License, each applicant would be required to supply the following:

  • Birth Certificate or Birth Record (original or Certified Copy)
  • Two passport-size photographs (Must be within the last 6 months)
  • Original Police Certificate of good Character from the country of origin
  • Bankers’ Reference Letter (dated no longer than 3 months of the application)
  • Certified copy of passport and citizenship details (copy data pages of passport)
  • The non-refundable government application fees as above
  • Complete the associated forms
  • A Statutory Declaration verifying the contents of the Application

In case of an Alien Company:

  • Certificate of Incorporation/ Certificate of Registration (Certified)
  • Certificate of Good Standing or its equivalent from the country of registration (Certified)
  • Filed Corporate Documents (Certified)
  • Notice of Directors, Shareholders, and/or Beneficial Owners of the Company (Certified)

For Certifications by Non-OECS Notary Royal or Attorney-at-Law or Commissioner of Oaths, need to provide an Apostille.

For an OECS Notary Royal or Attorney-at-Law or Commissioner of Oaths needs to provide a copy of his/her Practicing Certificate or equivalent.

** Note: The Alien License fee of USD 2,500 applies to property where the land size is less than or equal to an acre. Where the property is:

  • Greater than 1 acre and up to 5 acres the Government fee is USD 5,000
  • Greater than 5 acres and up to 10 acres the Government fee is USD 10,500
  • Greater than 10 acres the Government fee is USD 10,500

Document "Agreement for Sale" (Nationals and Non-Nationals)

This is the contract or agreement between the vendor and the purchaser. This agreement is binding in law, and it determines the material terms binding the parties, e.g., the deposit fee, the time period for payment of the balance of the purchase price, the terms of completion, and any other necessary terms towards completion and release of the property to you with the good title guaranteed with vacant possession.

On signing the "Agreement for Sale," the purchaser pays a deposit (usually 10% of the purchase price) which is usually held in escrow until certain condition precedents are met or even up until completion of the document "Deed of Sale". Clauses included in the document "Agreement for Sale" ensure that if the vendor pulls out of the sale or is unable to sell the property with a good title, then the deposit is returned to the purchaser, plus the purchaser receives the 10% forfeited by the vendor. Additional remedies at law may be available to the purchaser depending on circumstances and how the agreement for sale was drawn up. If the purchaser pulls out of the sale, their deposit is usually forfeited. The whole purpose of the "Agreement for Sale" is to ensure that the vendor can give the good title and that he does not sell the property to another intended purchaser.

Before signing the "Agreement for Sale" the legal process is usually accompanied by in depth searches at the Land Registry (Title Search) to ensure that the property is not encumbered in a manner that cannot be cured within the period set for completion by the contract. Reputable Estate Agents welcome Registry searches to ensure that your purchase goes as smoothly as possible and according to law.