Testimonials From Clients

Angad is very reliable, helpful and knowledgeable

"If you are looking to Buy, Sell, or Manage a property in St Lucia and need a realtor, Angad Singh is our recommendation.

He negotiated the sale of our villa in St Lucia in a very professional way, clearly explaining each stage of the process from start to finish.

Angad is very reliable, helpful and knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with."

Jean & Graham | United Kingdom

I would recommend him to all my friends

"Angad is a highly devoted and a professional real estate agent on the island of Saint Lucia. I worked with him on several occasions and it was a very good experience every time. Angad knows his market and will match his client with the right property for the right price. He answers promptly, which is appreciated by someone like me who would often contact him from different parts of the world and time zones. I never had to wait for his answer too long.

Not only he is highly professional, and always well dressed and groomed, he has also healthy sense of humor, which helps to ease occasional stress around property shopping.

I know Angad for 5 years now and I would recommend him to all my friends."

Katerina D. | California, USA

Angad worked diligently to introduce prospective buyers to sell our home.

"After a number of years on the open market our home in St Lucia was sold. Angad worked diligently to introduce prospective buyers. The market in St Lucia is untested other than for houses attached to hotel complexes, and realtor's valuations are often speculative. Angad was able to achieve a sale. He communicated often and was always available to speak or reply to emails quickly. We are grateful to him for all of his efforts."

Richard T. | United Kingdom

The reason he was able to sell our corporate Villa, is because he’s patient, understanding and intelligent

"What makes Angad Singh an excellent realtor broker!

Angad keeps in contact with both his buyer & seller clients, even if they are a foreign client and only visits the island once a year. Angad keeps them informed to any new listings that fit what they're looking for and at the price they want to buy or sell it for. It’s a difficult market in the Caribbean and may take much longer for a real-estate sale, but Angad is always in contact with both the buyer & sellers. He will call cheerfully and say “I found what you been looking for; let me show it to you”.

The reason he was able to sell our corporate Villa, is because he’s patient, understanding, intelligent and has a knack to be able to find the right buyer and match with a seller to make the sale.

We recommend him highly. "

Raymond K. | Virginia, USA

His approach to his clients is a position of complete and respectful service

"Working with Angad on a recent Luxury Property Auction sale resulted in much success. Angad is knowledgeable, informed of the market, efficient and well-connected in the real estate community and with those of influence. His approach to his clients is a position of complete and respectful service always looking to the clients best interests. Angad is certainly a benefit to the St. Lucia Real Estate Community."

Tony Y. | Concierge Auctions

We were indeed very fortunate to have Angad as our buyer-seller agent

"My wife and I rented a villa in St. Lucia in November, 2014. Our intention was to investigate the possibility of purchasing it and also explore other potential properties. A friend, who is a construction contractor, certified house inspector and a realtor, accompanied us for the week long trip. Besides assessing the overall integrity of the building construction, our home inspector focused on investigating the structural integrity. We were very fortunate at that time in meeting Mr. Angad Singh. Angad represented the villa property owner but unlike in the U.S. he represented both the seller and buyer. We were at first quite uncomfortable with such an arrangement deeming it a conflict of interest between buyer and seller. He quickly set us at ease sharing his extensive knowledge of fair market value which he reinforced through examinations of other comparable properties.

Angad first discussed our objectives and rapidly gained an understanding of our preferences. He contacted other property owners that we subsequently visited thereby gaining insights to alternative villas. We were quite impressed with how well he selected villas to assess. He definitely knew the entire area and targeted villas that had a high potential of fulfilling our major requirements. There was a villa that we visited which also peaked our interest. Angad arranged a nice informal meeting, even bringing hors d’oeuvres made by his mother, with the villa owners where he facilitated steering the conversation, enabling an in-depth analysis of pros and cons. Afterwards we further explored possibilities comparing the two properties of interest. Angad was very supportive in helping us appraise tradeoffs.

When we decided to initiate purchasing discussions Angad, working with the owner, arranged for the villa builder to accommodate our contractor during his inspection. They spent the entire afternoon together. This was most helpful enabling a thorough assessment of all facets of the construction.

As expected there was a bit of give-and-take during negotiation all of which was professionally handled by Angad. Angad also was quite instrumental in helping us navigate all of the needed paperwork associated with the purchase by a foreigner. He also arrange legal counsel with a very reputable firm.

We were indeed very fortunate to have Angad as our buyer-seller agent. He proved to exceed our expectation and provided extensive guidance which was greatly appreciated. If we were to buy an additional property in St. Lucia we would again seek out his services."

Richard and Beth W. | Kentucky, USA

Angad doesn't just sit there, but is proactive to make things happen

"From the very first day I met Angad, it has been a good experience. He is always ready to help and participate in any discussions or offer advice on real estate. After my house was sold with the help of Angad, I made sure to keep in touch with him. Angad doesn't just sit there, but is proactive to make things happen. It has been 4 years since I sold my house, and we have kept communicating and he was the one who found someone to rent my new house. He is always happy to talk about properties, land and architecture which shows how connected Angad is to the property market. "

Xavier R. | St. Lucia

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